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My philosophy about being a lawyer?

It’s simple: when I accept the responsibility of representing an individual whose liberty or life is at stake, I take it seriously. I give 110 percent, provide my client with personal attention, and present my case persuasively and professionally to the Court. This is how I’ve served my clients in nearly 250 direct appeals and habeas cases over 22 years of law practice. I feel it is a privilege, and a tremendous responsibility, to be a lawyer; it is not just a job, not even just a profession — the judgment that lawyers exercise, and the decisions they make, literally change lives. My clients depend on me — my expertise and specialized knowledge, my communication skills, and my professional reputation before the Court. The importance and impact of the work I do motivate me to provide the highest quality representation possible.

When you hire me, you get me.

My appellate practice is small and my service is personal. When a client hires me, he gets me. I do not pass cases off to law clerks, or students. Although I do allow experienced appellate attorneys to assist me on occasion, in order to keep costs down, I am always deeply involved in the final product. I do not allow support staff to communicate with clients or the Courts about my cases. Yes, this approach keeps my federal criminal appeals practice very small, but it also ensures the quality of my work and allows me to have one-on-one relationships with clients and their families.

A unique area of practice.

I think it takes a somewhat unique lawyer to spend day and night reading transcripts, doing legal research, and writing briefs. These solitary and unglamorous tasks are the daily work of the federal criminal appellate lawyer; less frequent and more exhilarating are the investigations that support habeas litigation, evidentiary hearings, and appellate oral arguments. Although I have a great deal of trial and motions experience, and I have argued approximately 50 appeals in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, I spend a typical day focusing on crafting an argument, researching the law, and writing a clear, concise, persuasive brief. I also provide research, sentencing consultation, and litigation support for lawyers with cases in the state and federal district courts. My daily focus is this unique area of practice — federal criminal appeals and habeas corpus.

Contact Me: If you need to discuss a potential appeal or speak to me about a sensitive issue, please call me at 1-202-371-6377 or contact me by e-mail. From offices in Washington, D.C., I represent clients throughout the U.S.

To learn more, please review my article: ” Federal Criminal Appeals: 10 Things You Should Know.”

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Securities Book

He Wrote The Book

Provides a concise review of relevant statutes and real-world guidance for navigating a white collar case.

He Wrote The Book

Provides a concise review of relevant statutes and real-world guidance for navigating a white collar case.

Securities Book

Solomon L. Wisenberg defends clients throughout the U.S. in a wide range of white collar criminal cases. Recent Successes

Because of his experience and extensive knowledge of white collar criminal law, Mr. Wisenberg is routinely sought out by prominent national print and broadcast media to provide expert analysis of complex white collar legal issues. Read More

Mr. Wisenberg’s book, White Collar Crime: Securities Fraud (3rd Ed. 2016), is published by Thomson Reuters–one of the world’s leading legal publishing houses. His articles and essays have appeared in the Washington Post, the National Law Journal, Corporate Counsel, the White Collar Crime Prof Blog, and other leading publications. See Article Links