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10.04.2022 – Herbert Nassour
Sol is the real deal! He answers his phone when called, he is totally involved and immersed in his cases and became a close personal friend. He has and is always available to me and when you are troubled with a problem especially one he is working on he has a calming effect. He knows the law and he knows compassion. What a great combination to have in your attorney.

09.30.2022 – Joshua Walthall
Sol is one of the best attorneys I’ve had the pleasure to work with. If I were ever charged with a crime or if my freedom was on the line, the first call I’d make would be to Sol Wisenberg.

09.30.2022 – anonymous
Sol was great through a very intimidating and complicated process. He got me through a very challenging obstacle and effected for me the absolute best outcome! He’s a tiger on your side if you need him!

07.10.2019 – Richard Allan
My experience with Mr. Wisenberg was nothing short of excellent. His attention to detail, willingness to travel coast to coast to represent me as well as his decades of experience ultimately yielded me the best outcome we could hope for. Mr. Wisenberg might be too humble to state this, but his ability to analyze an incredibly complex situation and large amount of data in a very short period of time, combined with his personal touch, made me feel at ease through the most difficult time in my life.

04.03.2019 – Dawn Jackson
Sometimes lawyers need lawyers!! In 2011, I found myself in a legal mess with my law previous law firm. There were possible security violations and then came my friend, my lawyer and my voice of reason, Solomon. Sol not only guided me but helped me when I was not capable of rationally thinking for myself. He is a lawyer with morals and a strong foundation and understanding of the law. As a lawyer, I can personally attest when a lawyer truly cares about his clients. If you are considering retaining Sol, it is well worth it and I’m sure you will respect his honesty, professionalism and thoroughness. He was truly godsent in my time of need and I hope we will forever remain friends. 5 star!!!

03.20.2019 – Richard
My wife and I were both indicted in a serious fraud case that exposed her to a five year statutory maximum and me to a guideline range of 97-121 months. I hired Sol after firing the most prominent local criminal attorney. Beyond Sol’s background and experience specializing only in federal white collar criminal matters and sentencings, his website listed his cell phone number! I called him on a Saturday afternoon and he picked up! Virtually unheard of. Sol handled everything in my case himself and took or returned calls immediately. His reputation goes a long way with the government and his honesty and ethics are amazing. With Sol’s help, my wife’s case was dropped and I was just sentenced to 22-months. Best decision I ever made was hiring him.

02.27.2019 – anonymous
My case was in bad shape before Solomon Weisenberg took over. I had an attorney who was incompetent. The attorney that handled my case in the beginning just wanted to settle. He just didn’t really want to fight. What is frustrating is that it wasn’t just fighting for me but more for my family. My husband and kids rely on me and needed to see me fight the allegations against me. It felt like I was fighting two battles. One against the prosecution and one against my own attorney. No one should ever have to go through something like. As they say though, everything happens for a reason and if things didn’t go the way they did, I would not be here writing this. I wouldn’t have met Sol. When I hired Sol to take over the case, there was a level of comfort that I hadn’t felt. There was someone in my corner that saw the evidence, or lack there of, and couldn’t wait to get to court. There was someone that was actually listening to me. Someone that wanted to fight just as much as me. Sol is incredibly bright and has a track record that speaks for itself. What made a big difference for me though was he gave me hope that we were going to win and I was going to continue to be there for my family. As a mother and wife, I can’t describe what that did for me. Sol is a difference maker and a special talent. I will forever be grateful.

05.15.2018 – Benjamin
Sol was my attorney for a federal case, and he was always a professional. He was very easy to work with, he explained what was happening and what was going on at all times, and he was quite simply just one of the best attorneys I have ever run across. If I ever needed his services, and if he would take me again as a client, I would hire him every single time.

12.17.2012 – Shawn
My case did not turn out to be a very serious matter, but Mr Wisenberg deserves my review. I consulted several attorneys with my issue, so I can accurately compare the treatment from the same type of attorneys for the same type of issue. I found that the most important thing that you should be able to determine about your attorney before you move forward is that he/she possesses good, high character. I only met Mr Wisenberg for a short time, but I would say he falls into this category. Even though my issue was simple and quickly resolved, he remained behind after all the staff had gone home on Friday evening to share some stories and make me feel better, already having determined that there was no money in it for him. While others were in a hurry to hang up the phone or move on, Mr Wisenberg quickly showed me that not all attorneys are like that. This is the most important starting point in your search, so I’d highly recommend him for help with your legal issue. However, I would not recommend him for help in determining how to use all the features of your iPhone 😉 Good luck everyone

04.12.2010 – Paul
In my eyes Sol is the top White Collar lawyer in the country. He took over my case from a group of inferior lawyers and worked tirelessly for my benefit. His dedication and knowledge ultimately resulted in the ultimate victory. I am free because of Sol Wisenberg and he has become a trusted advisor and friend.

12.19.2009 – Michael
December 18, 2009 To Whom It May Concern: My name is Michael. I had to retain Solomon Wisenberg to represent myself in a case where my wife and I were the defendants facing charges brought against us from the U.S. Attorney’s Office. We were required to have separate attorneys. I chose Mr Wisenberg. If you ever find yourself in these circumstances, words cannot begin to describe the emotions of fear, dread, and uncertainty one feels. You are heading into completely unknown territory, and you have no idea what lay ahead. My whole world and that of my young family was turned upside down. I wanted to write just a few sentences about Mr. Wisenberg, but that would not give him the credit that he should so deservedly have. In my experience with attorneys, Mr. Wisenberg is by far the best at what he does. He answers the phone when you call him. If he is not available, and a message is left, he calls you back promptly. When I was going through that extremely strenuous and testing time, he was always there to offer counsel. If I was feeling entirely exhausted and overwhelmed, Mr. Wisenberg would be so encouraging and take the extra time with me until I felt more positive and certain about the upcoming proceedings. He was always straightforward with all information, and would never “sugar-coat” anything as to give me unrealistic expectations. Mr. Wisenberg also seems to be, in my humble opinion, one of the sharpest minds I have ever observed. His ability to anticipate and predict his opponents’ moves is staggering; it’s equivalent to watching an accomplished chess player. Mr. Wisenberg worked intensely and tirelessly for myself and my family. He produced extremely favorable results, and did so with his dexterity and expertise. I know our situation would not have had the same outcome without him leading the way. This past spring, my wife, myself and our four children went to a Phillies game. After getting in our seats and watching our team play, I realized that if it was not for Sol, we would not have been there all together. I made it clear to him that the only outcome I needed was that my family would stay together, and he made it work. In closing, I truly hope you never in the need of the services of Mr. Wisenberg. But if you find that you are in trouble, I would advise to pay him, do everything he says to do, and somehow try to get some sleep at night. The most honest thing I can say that I truly believe is someone you really can trust. Yours truly, Michael

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