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Experienced Defense Against Program Fraud and Theft of Federal Property Charges

Program fraud and theft of federal property charges are not limited to the taking of tangible objects, like government-owned computers or vehicles. The charges can also cover theft of personal property and misuse of government funds, such as federal grant and loan money, including FEMA or TARP funds, as well as counterfeiting charges.

I am federal property theft defense attorney Solomon L. Wisenberg, and I defend clients who are being investigated for or charged with program fraud or theft of federal property.

Aggressive Prosecution of Theft and Federal Property Crime

You should never underestimate the government’s tendency to go after even small-scale “theft” of federal property. Federal prosecutors have even been known to charge a government employee with theft of government property for running a side business from his or her work computer. Whether you work in a post office, military facility or another place of federal employment, it is important to get seasoned legal advice as soon as you learn of an investigation.

Misuse of Government Funds

I have experience representing individuals who were accused of misusing government grants or loans. Failure to perform audits or keep appropriate records, rather than intentional fraud, often triggers the investigation or charges.

If you have been contacted by a government agent investigating federal workplace program fraud or theft of federal property, it is important to speak to an attorney experienced in defending against these charges. You should be extremely careful about speaking to a federal agent without first consulting your lawyer. Your attempt to explain the situation may provide authorities with information that can result in numerous other federal charges, such as obstruction of justice or lying to a government agent.

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