A Nationwide Federal Criminal Defense Practice

White collar criminal defense attorney Solomon L. Wisenberg represents clients in all phases of a federal criminal case, including:

All Investigations

  • Federal criminal investigations: Mr. Wisenberg represents targets, witnesses and subjects of federal criminal investigations.
  • Grand jury investigations: Whether you received a target letter or a subpoena to appear before a grand jury, you still have options that can limit your exposure to prosecution.
  • Corporate internal investigations: Mr. Wisenberg handles all corporate internal investigations, including investigations of alleged fraud, embezzlement, employee theft, and money laundering.
  • Insurance fraud inquiries: The insurance industry has its own fraud unit that investigates and advocates prosecution of alleged insurance fraud. Attorney Wisenberg can help protect your right at every stage of these inquiries.

Dedicated Defense Against Fraud Charges

  • Wire and mail fraud: Using the mail, phone, fax, Internet or other forms of communication in a scheme to unlawfully acquire money or property is considered to be wire and/or mail fraud. Mr. Wisenberg have extensive experience defending against these charges.
  • Tax fraud: IRS criminal investigation division agents are extremely aggressive. If you are the subject of a tax fraud investigation, you need competent legal counsel as soon as possible.
  • Bank and mortgage fraud: Banks and mortgage lenders may encourage you to make a false statement on a loan application. If you miss a payment, they will refer your case to federal prosecutors.
  • Health care fraud: Failure to comply with the health care industry’s myriad regulations can result in federal prosecution.
  • Securities and investment fraud: This may involve a wide range of criminal accusations, including insider trading, brokerage misrepresentation and SEC investigations. Mr. Wisenberg understands how to build a solid defense against these charges.

Defense Against Other White Collar Criminal Charges

  • Public corruption, bribery and Hobbs Act: Attorney Solomon L. Wisenberg has represented individuals in cases involving alleged corruption by executives and public officials at the highest level.
  • Theft of federal property: From misuse of federal grants to running a side business at your government job, Mr. Wisenberg is prepared to help defend against theft charges.
  • Export/import violations including arms shipments: Mr. Wisenberg understands how to handle all export/import violation cases, including violations of the Arms Export Control Act and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).
  • False statements to government officials: It is a federal crime to lie to a government agent, even if you are not under oath or trying to cheat the government out of money. Get the legal representation you need if you have been accused of lying to a government agent.
  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: Prosecutions and investigations under the FCPA are at an all-time high. Mr. Wisenberg can help give you legal protection.

Helping People in Post-Conviction Matters

  • Federal sentencing issues: There is no parole in the federal criminal justice system. If convicted you will serve 85 percent of your sentence at a minimum. However, Mr. Wisenberg can help argue for a downward variance from federal sentencing guidelines.
  • Appeals: Mr. Wisenberg will work hard to ensure any errors committed by the trial court are corrected at the appellate level.

Contact an Embezzlement Defense Lawyer

If you are under investigation or have been accused or convicted of a federal crime, feel free to contact white collar criminal defense attorney Solomon L. Wisenberg online. From offices in Washington, D.C., Mr. Wisenberg represents clients nationwide.  Because he is co-chair of the white collar group at the 750-lawyer firm, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough, Mr. Wisenberg is able to provide the service of a small boutique firm with the backing and resources from a major, full-service firm.

You may also call Solomon L. Wisenberg at 202-689-2922 during normal business hours, or at 202-257-7846 if an urgent matter arises during the evening or weekend.

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Securities Book

He Wrote The Book

Provides a concise review of relevant statutes and real-world guidance for navigating a white collar case.

He Wrote The Book

Provides a concise review of relevant statutes and real-world guidance for navigating a white collar case.

Securities Book

Solomon L. Wisenberg defends clients throughout the U.S. in a wide range of white collar criminal cases. Recent Successes

Because of his experience and extensive knowledge of white collar criminal law, Mr. Wisenberg is routinely sought out by prominent national print and broadcast media to provide expert analysis of complex white collar legal issues. Read More

Mr. Wisenberg’s book, White Collar Crime: Securities Fraud (3rd Ed. 2016), is published by Thomson Reuters–one of the world’s leading legal publishing houses. His articles and essays have appeared in the Washington Post, the National Law Journal, Corporate Counsel, the White Collar Crime Prof Blog, and other leading publications. See Article Links