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Philosophy: A Note From Solomon L. Wisenberg

When people find themselves facing a white collar criminal investigation, they often say and do foolish things, even if they are completely innocent. It is only natural to panic at the prospect of going to prison. And sometimes it is the smartest, toughest business executives and government officials, those who pride themselves on staying cool under fire, who make the biggest mistakes.

The consequences can be devastating. Errors in judgment in the critical early stages of a federal white collar inquiry can mean the difference between whether or not an individual is prosecuted – and in the event of a prosecution, such missteps almost inevitably make the government’s case stronger.

It follows that when corporate executives or government officials get entangled in a federal criminal probe, they should immediately retain a seasoned white collar criminal defense attorney. I have devoted my career to the practice of criminal law, and I bring more than 25 years of experience as a defense attorney, federal prosecutor and judicial law clerk to bear in representing my clients.

I believe every case is different and must be handled with meticulous care and discretion. In each white collar matter, though, the broad outline of my approach is similar: During the investigation’s pre-indictment phase, when the situation is at its most fluid and prosecutors have not yet committed to proceeding with their case, I use every strategy, principle and tool available to limit my client’s criminal exposure and avoid indictment.

In many instances, I have successfully prevented my client from ever facing a day in court. But in those cases where indictment is unavoidable, I will aggressively protect my client’s interests to the absolute limit of the law, from pretrial preparations and settlement negotiations through trial and, if necessary, appeal. As a quick look at my career will show, I am no stranger to high-stakes, high-pressure situations, and if I must go to battle to protect my client’s interests, I will do so. I have been there, and I know what it takes.

One more thing: I never forget that I am representing real people, with real fears and questions about their cases. That is why I am on call to provide advice to my clients seven days (and nights) a week.

If you are a subject, target or defendant in a federal fraud-related case and seek a white collar defense attorney to represent you, I pledge to assess your criminal exposure as fully and efficiently as possible, provide you a clear, candid explanation of that exposure and, based on my discussions with you, devise and execute the best legal strategy possible in order to protect your interests. You deserve nothing less.

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