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Defending Health Care Professionals and Institutions in Fraud Cases

I am Solomon L. Wisenberg, a health care fraud defense lawyer defending clients accused of, or under investigation for, health care fraud. My work in this area of practice is informed in part by my past experience as a federal prosecutor. I led the Financial Institution and Health Care Fraud Unit in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Texas. During that time period, I directed the Communicare Home Health Care inquiry, a major four-year investigation of home health care industry fraud.

Experienced Defense Against a Wide Range of Fraud Charges

Health care professionals and health care institutions must comply with extensive and onerous regulations and civil statutes, and in recent years have been subject to an ever-widening array of criminal laws. Failure to comply with the current health care regulatory regime can eventually result in federal prosecution. I am available to represent white collar clients exposed to allegations of health care fraud, including allegations relating to:

  • Medicare fraud
  • Medicaid fraud
  • Billing fraud
  • Kickbacks and gratuities
  • Bribes
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Sham intermediary entities

Physician Self-Referral and Benefit

Many physicians risk criminal exposure by referring patients to a facility in which the physicians have a hidden financial interest. A doctor who receives compensation from a company whose medical products he or she uses can similarly be exposed to federal prosecution if the compensation is intended to secure continued use of the product by the doctor in question. Non-physician professionals, such as medical device distributors and manufacturers, also risk exposure in these circumstances. The sheer number of pitfalls lurking in the federal health care arena is staggering.

Prosecutors also actively pursue health care providers who allegedly lie about the number of patients they treat or the types of services they perform.

I am available to represent doctors and health care professionals ensnared in such inquiries.

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